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Are we still alive?

Things have been quiet on the Creationstep blog over the last season. We have had several large clients keeping the team busy and as Brainpark continued to grow both Bobby and I threw ourselves in with both feet to give it everything we’ve got. BandofCoders still continues to get stronger and one of these days they will probably update their site to show everyone on the team (nudge nudge). QA Room is still evolving slowly. It has a great offering but needs a steady sales focus to grow. Service Cloud is in the right space at the right time with great potential to solve the emerging problems created by new innovations on the web.
We parkedĀ  Empty Tray and Glassrocket which had been growing but were demanding too much of our time. The margins were slim and to make them successful was going to necessitate Bobby or I giving them our focus which we weren’t prepared to do. Maybe someday they will surface again when someone with the passion and skill to lead them emerges.

Last year we seed invested into several start-ups including:
Stand Out Jobs


Virima Technologies



All of the companies above have been successful in closing additional rounds of finance and seem to be developing well in a tough economy. We are excited to be connected with each and be part of their wider community. I would encourage more people to seed invest in companies like these as the learning and community that comes with it is as valuable as the potential ROI. We also invested in half a dozen ventures that totally failed. It comes with the territory. We had our fair share of pain with some leaders who blamed us for their own incompetency. It is amazing how short-sighted some people can be. There are some things that we will never do again…

We are not planning on making any new investments in 2009 as we have more than enough on our plate to manage and want to remain of value to those around us. No doubt this means we will miss many opportunities but we are confident there will be plenty when we surface again. We will probably update the site here from time to time but don’t anticipate much action. You can follow me on Twitter if you want to stay up to date on what I am up to. Bobby doesn’t do the social media thing much as he does real work; so you will probably just have to suffice yourself with my ramblings.

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How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?

In tune of the last post, Austin just posted a great article about angel investing in Canada.

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