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Creating online video experiences/advertising/entertainment 

Why use video online? 

Brand Experience  - If a user experiences the sights and sounds of your brand are they more likely to become engaged? 

Brand Explanation - Will a clear and compelling explanation of a complex offering or concept help you communicate your message? 

Branded Entertainment  - Does creating a short film or music video sound like the kind of entertainment that your audience would be drawn to? 

What does it look like? 

Video Sites  - We create and produce sites entirely driven by video content; producing an entertaining and interactive user experience. 

Video Ads - Think of television ads with way more options. They can be any length, and size, and you can interact with them if you like. We create ads for your site, or to be placed on other websites where you choose to advertise. These ads can be used to sell directly or to drive traffic to your primary site. 

Video entertainment  - We create sponsored short films, documentaries, and music videos that will entertain and inform your audience; building brand goodwill and recognition.   Storystream Creative 



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