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Go Topless

Maybe the title has been influenced by my recent beach holiday in Spain.

Losing your shirt is more than likely the case for many entrepreneurs. I had considered myself beyond that and in someway immune to great failure. It is only looking back today that I realize how full of piss and vinegar I was when launching the first time around.

Imagine that I could think that what our team would do could never fail.

Well to be honest there is one aspect of me that needed to believe that. If I wasn’t convinced of success I would never have been able to get the traction necessary to build a team and raise some money. What I know today is that even when I am fully convinced and passionate about a cause it does not equal business success.

I remember 7 years ago sitting on the porch with my wife in our BC home asking her advice (or maybe more permission) to risk everything we possessed in something that could fail.

As much as I used the word failure and considered the scenario I never actually believed it would happen.

I lost my shirt. I went topless for a season. I bared my all to the world.

Today I am a better man for it. With many more successes than failures under my belt I realize it is all worth it.

Better to stand on the edge of chaos than to hide in the corner of control.


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