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Trust Your Gut

Starting a business necessitates more than a good idea and strategy. Building the right team and making the right choices can be the make or break of a start-up. There is a skill necessary in decision making and choosing the right people which is beyond science and necessitates dependence on intuition.

I have few regrets in life. If I was to boil them all down into one category it would be that I regret not trusting my hunches more. At this point I would rather risk saying no after a funny feeling about an opportunity than saying yes. It is much less costly to miss an opportunity than to sign up to the wrong one. It may not be the most measurable methodology but it seems to lead in the right direction. After all in the eastern world all things immeasurable are considered more spiritual and beneficial.

Each of us have an inner voice that is given to help us navigate the world. Listen to what your gut says and use the wisdom to ask more questions and become more curious in decision making moments.

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