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What Motivates an Entrepreneur?

According to Sramana Mitra People become entrepreneurs for two reasons: either they have a chip on their shoulder, and have something to prove to themselves and to the world around them. Or, they want to afford a lifestyle that is substantially above their current means. The context of her comments come in light of how entreprenuership is shifting in India due to venture capital extending beyond its normal bounds.

I would agree that these are two of the reasons that people choose to be entrepreneurs but I would like to add a third - Vision.

I met with a psychologist this week who assesses elite performers. It was a fascinating conversation as I got to learn a lot about myself. One of the interesting aspects of the meeting was my bazaar personality mix. According to the tests I came out very high in comparison to other high performers in the area of future orientation, this means that I have a tendency to see a lot and want to act upon it. The other interesting aspect was that I have very high coping in stress, in other words I have hardly any anxiety and low stress levels. I was informed that this is reasonably unique as most people need more stress to get going and to take action. For me however the motivation comes from vision, a large clear vision on how to transorm the world for the better.

So if you need to find a new way to get out of bed in the morning, you can either refine and renew your vision or go buy a new car that you cannot afford to stress you out just enough to make you do great things…

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  1. Jobin J Says:

    Intresting Mark.

    My motivation to explore a business vision has been to someday cease having to work in any months ending with “uary”

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