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Nicholas Carr talks about technology services being available as a utility in his post, An IT sea change for smaller companies.

It is no longer enough to give your employees access to the network while they are in the office during business hours. Your team needs access to data and services from anywhere at anytime. All of a sudden the SMB has to provide 24/7 support, protect their network from outside intruders and ensure high availability. Large companies have provided this for years with their on site data centers, firewalls, VPN’s and network administrators. This is a tall order for a small company.

I believe the concept of a small business having a server room will become as ancient as switching tapes on an answering machine. Every essential service will be available securely on the internet cloud. It won’t be the extreme of giving Google or Microsoft all your data with some generalized offerings. It will be a hybrid of online services integrated with dedicated servers running your applications in data centers, staffed with professionals. Economies of scale will make it affordable.

Imagine the scenarios; no more hearing an explanation from your college student network admin on why email has been down all day. You can move offices without worrying about those mission critical applications becoming unavailable. Opening a new branch, no problem, just get it connected to the internet and work can begin. Finally, when that low cost DSL connection at the office goes down, your servers won’t skip a beat, every email will get through, your website will stay up and your remote workers remain productive.

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