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My eyes lit up when I was sent the link to the Royal Bank of Canada’s Next Great Innovator Award

There are many of us who have chosen to be entrepreneurs in life because we have vision to bring change within existing industries. There is great freedom to be able to act without the norms of bureacracy however we are continually faced with the struggle of gaining the resources to make the difference at the scale we desire. Maybe this is a new avenue for some of us to expend some energy and gain from the systems and resources of more established institutions. It wouldn’t be a bad idea for the school board to consider this as an option. Then they could gain the change they desire with the buy in from their existing clientele.

The Royal Bank have not only laid down the challenge with a $20,000 reward but have begun to open the doors for a new way of change. I am interested to see what comes from this campaign so I hope that they keep the public informed as to the change they implement as a result.

I hope that this is only the first phase of this new approach. When they and other corporations invite entrepreneurs and thinkers who are not students to participate they will begin to open themselves up for some of the success that Google and 3M have experienced by acting on ideas that come beyond the normal sources.

Well done RBC

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