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Empty Tray

One year after launching with clients and experimenting, testing, and improving the service we have officially launched the EmptyTray website. We will have a proper public launch party soon but we thought it would be worth sharing a little bit more about the company and the service.

The folklore of the start of this company goes like this:

Betsy and Claire (our wives) separately hinted to us that if we were so smart we would set up a company that would create a way for professional women who were new mothers be able to remain at home and work without having to re-enter the corporate office. So being obedient and wise young men we went for it and began to structure something around virtual administration as a start. Claire then came up with a few names and Empty Tray stuck as it really communicated the outcome of the service.

A year later we have a dozen or so clients that are happy with our service, we have processes and systems set up behind the scenes, a pipeline of great people who want to work with us, and a new team lead. It feels like it is the right time to go for it and open up the floodgates of business. We are excited about EmptyTray for several reasons.

1. Our staff are passionately behind this because it is an important solution to their needs

2. Our service will make it very easy and affordable for independents and small business owners to manage themselves like a large corporation with executive assitance and a team of diverse administrators available on demand.

3. We can serve any size of company from any geographical location

4. We get to help some more people become successful

If you have any other ideas about EmptyTray we would love to hear from you

So thanks again to our clever and committed wives…we are indebted even more

Posted on October 8th, 2006 by Mark
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