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Indoor Playground

Recently out of a passion to have a shared workspace for entrepreneurs, innovators, and geeks in Toronto we ventured out and leased a great space at 364 Richmond St West (Richmond and Peter). We started working on it two months ago and lately have wondered when we will ever get finished. Today however the paint hit the walls and the place is beginning to look fantastic. It is basically about 2000 sq ft plus an additional mezzanine floor (the gallery). It is on the 5th floor (top floor) of an old brick and beam loft. The view of the city is outstanding and thankfully there is enough light to avoid florescent bulbs…

We know from the outset that this is not going to be a big earner but is more of a hub for creative people who want to make a difference in industry and within Toronto. This is one of the spaces that will allow some more jeans to be worn in the city.

Today I was chatting with Rob Hyndman, Stuart MacDonald, and David Crow - 3 guys who I have the utmost respect. All 3 gave me a lot of advice and shared the vision of what this could become. We want this to become a place where people not only use for a days work but a centre where great ideas and ventures are birthed. We want the new entrepreneurs and start-ups in the area to feel like it is a safe place and a home to hang their hat.

We are going to start gathering the members and the sponsors in December to kick this thing off officially late January. The official launch date will be announced soon. I just set up a community forum (a Ning Experiment) to start the conversation and to draw in those in the city who want to be part of this as it emerges.

So this is the official invitation to join up in the conversation or as a user to help us co-create a space we are all proud of. We are wide open to suggestions, ideas, and anything else you have to say (as long as you are decent).

Posted on November 24th, 2006 by Mark
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