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Indoor Playground | Centre for Innovation

After much hard work and planning the Indoor Playground is almost ready to open its doors. We plan to open the doors officially on February 1st. We have taken some time to listen to feedback from potential community members and have deduced what we believe today to be an effective and helpful pricing model.

We named the space Indoor Playground | Centre for Innovation intentionally. We desire that the space is known as a social centre for the community as well as an effective co-working facility. This necessitates that we make room for some events as well as some space to work and collaborate within. The model below should make sense within this context:

Monthly Membership packages
$1500 – *Unlimited Corporate up to six members
$300 – *Unlimited Individual
$100 - 1 day per week + *Unlimited evenings and weekends
$50 – *Unlimited evenings after 5:30pm and weekends (Friday 5:30pm-Monday 7:00am)

Day Rates
$25/Day - Single day access to facilities - no guests
$100/Day - Single day access + 2 hour conference room + 4 guests for conference room time
$350/day - Small room + 12 guests
$1000/day - Large room + 50 guests
$1250/day - Entire facility + 65 guests

All prices are subject to GST

*Unlimited – except for up to 4 days per month (to make space for group rental and events)

We are opening the doors on Friday January 12th at 5.30pm for viewing (and an excuse for some of us to get together). We will be around for a couple of hours so plan on coming for as long as you desire. We will make some announcements and will have some Q&A at the earlier part of the evening. Please spread the word.

We will have both paypal and credit card options available to receive sign-up soon. If you plan to join as a member please go to and sign-up in the forum section.

For further information and details please contact:

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