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Band of Coders

Over the past couple of years Bobby and I have had the fun of getting a few companies up and running. Our first company was Band of Coders although the name evolved a few times through the process of discovering its real identity. It seems ironic that the guys that know the most about technology and web were the guys who were nameless and faceless within Creationstep.
But today they have come out of the closet and announced themselves and who they are with a lovely new website that includes the following statement:

The Band of Coders is a crack team of programmers and system architects that creates business applications, web applications, and front-end interfaces. We work with companies that know exactly what they want and are looking for the raw programming talent to make their vision a reality quickly and efficiently.

Our team has been stripped to the bare essentials: exceptional coders. No marketing team. No sales guy. No CEO. No fluff to keep us from the goal of creating first-rate software products for our clients.

Looking for cookie-cutter code assemblers or hyped-up marketing outfits? Look elsewhere.

Well done chaps…

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