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Indoor Playground Hits the News

The value of co-working space has hit the media radar. Check out this ABC News clip and Business Week article that mention Indoor Playground. This comes on the one-month anniversary of Indoor Playground’s opening.

Six months ago Mark and I made the commitment to create a place downtown Toronto for entrepreneurs to work and connect with others. This involved signing a lease and putting up the funds to renovate a pretty raw space. We were excited and sure that we would get sponsors from large companies, angel investors, and others who were committed to Toronto’s entrepreneur community.

Fast-forward 3 months. Renovation costs ended up being triple what we originally expected, all the large companies we thought were interested in helping small business turned us down, and everyone else we were counting on to pitch in financially lost interest. Mark and I had that emergency meeting where we had to make the call: Were we going to continue to walk this financial road alone or bail? We coughed up some more money to complete the renovations and carry the rent for a few more months and held our breath.

Though we never did get financial assistance, many in the community helped with spreading the word, donating furniture, and cleaning the place up for launch day. Our first few members signed up at the open house and we purchased a chair and desk for each of them. The most rewarding moment was when we got the feedback, “I love the space.”

The experience we went through to setup Indoor Playground would have left many startups bankrupt. The Creation Step mission is to remove obstacles so people can break free from the misery of working in a cubicle 9-5, doing something they hate, and counting down the days to retirement when they hope to unlock all those ideas and passions. Our goal with Indoor Playground was to create a co-working space for people who had the courage to go out on their own.

With the community’s help, we hope that Indoor Playground will play a small part in the birth of many new businesses and the dreams that come with them. Thank you to everyone who encouraged us along the way and those early adopters who joined in faith.

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