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We’ve spoken with many charities and not for profits that are struggling to establish an effective internet presence. Every attempt they make results in something less than stellar. The sad reality is that most these organizations are probably still living off a website that someone’s 15 year-old nephew made in his parents’ basement.

It’s been well over ten years since the first pages were posted to the World Wide Web and yet the art/science of combining visual aesthetics with effective back-end engineering remains a significant challenge, particularly for those that cannot afford or identify a seasoned team.

What if a group of professionals came together, in one location, for 24 hrs, to build something that most charities could only dream of? Introducing, Code for Good, an innovative approach to give worthy charitable organizations the internet presence they deserve. The first event is in Toronto, followed by Atlanta.

Interested in leading the effort to bring Code for Good to your city? Contact

This post was written by Bobby John

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