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Creationstep Inc. was launched in 2004 from a dream to create an innovative way to support business start-ups. Instead of launching a traditional form of incubator with a large internal burn rate, Bobby and Mark decided to create several small companies that could be self-contained with their own client base that in turn could serve as the infrastructure for new companies. The companies started were outsourcing focused, with specialties in software development, administration and accounting, IT infrastructure, team building, staffing and HR, and coaching.

The development of each company necessitated the gathering of industry specialists that had a bent towards the entrepreneurial life. This network of specialists learned to support one another to build each company and supported one another through to stabilization. Today this network is a tight band of friends and experts with experience and passion to gather around others who want to make the leap of faith. This community of entrepreneurs are high a performing team, excellent at delivering results yet are anything but corporate.

Today we are well positioned to grow effectively with reduced risk. We are now able to gather idea mongers that can shape the world and give them the infrastructure and support to make things work. Because we learned to grow everything on a shoe-string we have learned effective and creative ways to make things happen without the perceived constraints of finance. We are a tenacious and determined group of people that will kick the odd barn door down without having to take the chance of selling the farm to do so.

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