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The reason we call ourselves Creationstep is because we fund only the creation of the main idea or prototype. We are the earliest stage of funding that is often called the seed round. This is often money that is given by friends and family to get things kicked off and to test the market. We decided to be the friend and family to entrepreneurs as that is what we are.

Some companies can get rolling on this first round of finance yet others will need to be partnered with other investors or institutions that can take them to the next level. The good thing about working through the prototype with Creationstep is that by the time you get in front of a major investor you will be prepared and ready to answer the questions posed. You will have explored every avenue of growth without additional funding and will only be considering diluting your ownership because it makes great sense for all involved.

We will know that we have been successful if you get through the first stage of development. This will be either when you have all you need to start growing and making the money through sales or when you have a compelling presentation and product that will get you more funding. This is when we help to connect you with the right people who can be the financiers of your growth phase.

We try not to meddle too much with the start-ups we get behind. Being funded by Creationstep does not necessitate the giving away of preferred stock, board seats, or a commitment to let us participate in future financing. You remain in control of your strategic decisions and blaze your own path. We position ourselves more as your community and support group that can aid success.

Our goal is to be the resource of choice for entrepreneurs and an ongoing support community. We will know that we have done our job well when we have supported a series of successful start-ups and have the recognition within the investment world of being the place to come to find the best. Our track record is impeccable and we plan to keep it that way.

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