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Mark Dowds is one of the few key people in the world who has had a significant influence on who I am today. It was his belief in, and vision for, my character and abilities that steered me towards the goals that I now passionately pursue and find success in. Not only has Mark had a major impact on my life, I watched as he imparted his entrepreneurial spirit to an entire community. Three years later, that impartation has become integral in the identity of that community. Simply put, without Mark’s vision and influence I would not have so easily realized the potential within myself to accomplish my dreams.

Scott Cave President and CEO Rook Technologies Inc.

Mark Dowds is one of the most truly genuine people I have ever met. From my experience, Mark’s key focus in all situations is to empower those around him with a constant higher eye to create the ultimate win/win solution. He possesses a surprising breadth and depth of personal resources. Mark is creative, judicious, discerning and generous; he imparts a visionary spirit and inspired worldview. Even though I trained Mark in NLP, a technology/set of techniques which underlies the careers of Anthony Robbins, Stephen Covey and others, his wide vision and generous nature have inspired me to challenge myself to increase my own business to reach and inspire a greater community.

Hugh Comerford NLP Centres CANADA

Mark Dowds is one of the most brilliant and creative minds I know. I’ve flown Mark in for brainstorming sessions on multiple occasions and he never ceases to amaze me with his quick understanding of the situational realities and his consistent outside-the-box thinking. He quickly plots a route from A to B when no one else sees the path; and he’s a crackerjack judge of character.

Mark Oestreicher President Youth Specialties

In less than one week, Mark and Bobby affected a degree of change in our 5 executive team members (and our team dynamics) than could have been accomplished in a year or more of typical, one-on-one executive coaching. With Mark working the inter/intra-personal aspects and Bobby digging deeply into the business structures and functions, Creationstep Inc. delivered a one-two punch to the inner-workings of our company and launched us into a new understanding of our business. We emerged stronger, healthier, inspired, and well-equipped to change how we do things. The ongoing service and support of Creationstep is helping us flesh out and nail down our goals, and is providing us with a comprehensive action plan for a new internal structure, a new and much more serviceable financial architecture, along with a detailed transitional plan, timeline, and action steps for implementing it all. Enter at your own risk. This is powerful stuff.

Karla Yaconelli (Previous Owner) Youth Specialties

It is not often that I have the opportunity to recommend someone as highly qualified and as fine a personal coach as Mark Dowds. As a business owner with over 60 clients, I have had many opportunities to practice the techniques and tools with which Mark has equipped my staff and I, and I can say without qualification that Mark has precisely the qualities that would make him an excellent choice for executive and staff coaching. With in the 10 years that I have known and worked with Mark, he has consistently produced results and always exceeded expectations. Mark is a dynamic personable individual, who inspires and challenges growth in every individual with whom he interacts. He will be a valuable addition to your organization in any capacity, and will generate results within its teams and leadership.

Paul Brandner

I have known Mark Dowds for over 6 years and have found him to be an incredible resource for me both in my personal and business life. Mark has an extensive background in private business and has enjoyed many successes with both start up and existing businesses. He has a strong technical understanding along with the insights required for day to day operations and creative marketing plans. Mark is gifted in being able to get to the core issues that often hamper progress in both personal development and business planning. He brings both the theoretical as well as personal experience and has the ability to relate to me as an individual. One of Mark’s greatest assets is the skill to come along side and both encourage as well as deliver the tough message that we as business people often need to hear. Mark has a strong faith and demonstrates consistency and credibility in his daily walk. I would strongly recommend his services to anyone who wants to take their personal life or business to the next level.

Brent Babcock (Director, Business Development) Marchant Securities

In a world that seems to change faster than the speed of light and most answers seem mechanical and sequential, I as a bust and stretched CEO need guidance and insight well beyond my present capacity. A fresh set of eyes, which see both the strategic and tactical side is often needed in an objective manner. For such a need as this, Mark Dowds proves to very capable. Known within our organization as one of the freshest and most creative individuals, Mark adds insight and skill in every setting he finds himself in. With experience in start-ups and culturally relevant implementation, he is an asset to any CEO. Our organization still benefits several years later from Marks intense insights and mind-stretching creativity. He seems to have a unique gift to meet people, establish an infectious response; this facilitates a high level of trust. This gift will allows him to enter your organization with rapport and rapidly gain ground. This allows for fast and effective intervention with your team. Added to all the above Mark has a wonderful competence in seeing what others usually can’t see. His training and giftedness allows him to not just see the obvious, i.e. “pointing out problems”, but rather see the “core” of why these same problems are emerging. With the mind of a consultant and the skilled hands of a HR surgeon, he can shape both character and potential. Behind all this is Mark. One of the most likeable and fun guys to be around, he does not just become a hired gun, but is sure to make a personal commitment to you as a person. That is hard to find in a world of fast talk and cheap commitment.

John T. McAuley (President/CEO) Muskoka Woods Sports Resort

Mark Dowds is truly a pioneer. Over the course of the past four years, I have had the pleasure to work with Mark on a number of different projects, and in the process, develop a strong friendship with him. His leadership skills and his ability to pave the road for others make him a truly unique individual. In addition, Mark’s passion and willingness to serve has set the standard for others around him.

Ray Majoran (President/CEO) Electricurrent Technologies Inc.

I have known Mark for perhaps the last twelve-to-fifteen years, firstly as a volunteer with YFC in Northern Ireland, then as a staff-member, now as a valued friend and provocative thinker. In this last regard I have often said that I know no-one in the world more creative than Mark. (That should not be taken as an absolute statement that there is no-one; just that among my wide circle of acquaintances no-one else comes close.) One of his favourite encouragements to others is to “think outside the box”, and he is the supreme and gifted example of how to model that quality - what might be termed ‘engaged detachment’ - which allows him to get right into the heart of a problem and understand it, whilst at the same time remaining enough outside of it to see all angles without being mesmerised by any of them – then to come up with a answer from a perspective that no-one else has even noticed. One of the buzzwords most popular with modern companies is that they don’t sell you ‘things’ – they sell you ‘solutions’. In my long experience of Mark, I would expect that in the case of his company, this would be nothing less than the truth. He sets standards of dedication, concentration, hard work, thoroughness and application that will ensure, firstly, that the right problem will be addressed, and secondly, that the optimum solution will be suggested – and he’ll take as long as it takes. Another characteristic of Mark, which in my experience of consultants has not been to the fore, is that he is an excellent listener. He will listen to the managers, to the employees (including if necessary the man who sweeps out the mailroom and the washrooms) to make sure he understands exactly what the culture and the ethos of the company is, and what particular solution will fit best. Finally, my experience of Mark is that he is secure enough within his own character to be able to dedicate himself to mentoring others, with a view to developing them to the limit of their potential. This is a less-common characteristic than one might think, as we all harbour insecurities to one degree or another, but Mark exemplifies the old dictum about giving your best and not minding who gets the credit. In summary, from my long experience of him I can recommend Mark wholeheartedly and without reservation. He will help you with niches, angles and edges that you have never considered, and may well help you to change your company ‘from good to great’.

John Duncan MBA

Area Director YFC International/ Europe, the Middle-East & North Africa

Being challenged by Mark is not the customary push and shove experience; he teases out knowledge, insight and understanding to fashion a new bridge forward. Mark informs thinking is so many areas, especially his ability to help individuals and groups understand themselves and their ways of relating to each other. The dynamics of change are a safe reality with Mark, dynamics that deepen authenticity and increase the sheer joy of work and play – “its brilliant”.

David McMillan Executive (Vice-President)

Partners Strategic Communications & Revenue Development Inc. Vancouver, BC

I’ve never met anyone who has made me think more than Mark Dowds. You think you have things figured out about life and yourself, and then he starts asking questions and pushing you back until you hit the core of what you wanted to communicate in the first place. Mark demonstrates amazing listening skills, while asking questions; however, has the amazing ability to speak directly to your needs and or concerns that you are facing. The youth volunteers and myself are better off from having Mark come meet with us. I plan on having Mark come in annually to meet with myself and the youth volunteers.Derek Gandza (Youth Leader) Bethany Community Church

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