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Guy Kawasaki has a great article on his blog today called The Art of the Layoff. There is no doubt that we are in a new dotcom era which is hopefully seasoned with more wisdom and business leadership understanding. Guy is the first I have heard so far use the term “bubble” again. I suppose that it is inevitable that we have over-inflated values on companies and ideas with a frenzy to hire the best and aquire warehouses to host the masses.

Having an influx of start-up capital coming back into the web is good for all of us in this space. It gives room for ideas to emerge and opportunities to upset the status quo. I am also thankful for people like Guy who will remind us that this is a season, a moment for us to take a chance again. I am left reminded that in the midst of our excitements we need to spell out the risk to those coming on board. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t


Posted on July 6th, 2006 by Mark
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